Kris Markovich - NFTs
“The Skate Heritage” Collection


About the drop:

“The Skate Heritage”  collection is a combination of art mediums combined with the Kris Markovich blend of skateboard artifacts, attributes and cultural references.  It is ultimately a conservation of skateboard art and an artistic counter culture movement. As skateboarding continues to thrive and evolve in the 5th era, the iterative progression of skateboarding has always been grounded in an ideal of "creation."   Skate and create. Therefore it is from this point of “creation” that the “Heritage Collection Draws its purpose, by using NFTs as the medium to combine Art and skateboarding.  



This drop features 3 giveaway categories created by artist: 

  1. Digital Avatars:  All NFTs contain an original Kris Markovich Digital logo or avatar.  

  2. 50 Hand-signed Prints 

    1. All primary purchasers of any NFT from “The Skate Heritage” Project will be eligible to enter the draw and be selected at random to be able to redeem 1 of 50 hand-signed prints of their choosing *Primary NFT Owners only

  3. 20 Special Edition NFT Airdrops 

    1. Collectors who own any 1 NFT from this drop titled “The Heritage Skate Collection” will be selected at random to be airdropped 1 of 20 special edition NFTs from “50 Years of Skating and Creating” Board Mural



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